The Retreat


Summer Tango Treat is a retreat. Based on Tango, with classes, practicas and milongas, it also gives space to many other activities, such as yoga, contact-improvisation, massage.


Since our locations are surrounded by nature, green and water, away from the noises, the smells and the frenzy of the cities, there is also space and time for outdoors activities, such as playing, jogging, swimming, camping. As well as taking time for ourselves, lying on the grass, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying the blue sky of the day and the stars of the night.


We like to have, once or twice, a firecamp in the night, after the milonga, where we can gather and have the last drink, caressed by the warmth of fire. After the milonga finishes, we also like, from time to time, to keep partying with different music.


We make excursions, as well, to close-by cities, lakes, and places that can feed our souls.


Our groups are relatively small, Summer Tango Treat is not a ‘mass’ event. This helps establishing a real and human contact with people. Just as Tango should be.


Come and find out for yourself 🌻



“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”