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1th August – 07th August , 2022

Dear Rancheras y Rancheros!

Me, you and us.
When music, technique and soul meet.
Three teachers, three points of view. (Childcare during class hours will be available)

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Gustavo Colmenarejo
Gaia Pisauro & Leandro Furlan
Francesco Cieschi
Julian Elizari

The castle was once a Prince-Bishop of Wroclaw’s private palace and dates from around 1300. There are frescoes, glorious Renaissance painted ceilings, and graffiti. The working chapel has an impressive baroque altar-piece, recently restored.
The castle is undergoing a restoration project and there is always some work going on. They do their best to preserve as much of the ancient fabric as possible. This is an opportunity to see craftsmen at work on an important historic building.
Set in a private park with magnificent, mature trees, a grass tennis court and swimming pond, the surrounding countryside is glorious, with both flat and steep terrain for biking hiking, riding, adventure and relaxing activities. It’s a wonderful place for children (the owner very friendly English-Polish Family has six of them!).
A car gives you independence, otherwise we shop every day and can take our guests to the town. Otmuchow (6 km) for provisions, or to the next village, Kałków (2 km – and we can lend you a bicycle).
Guests can usually find organic vegetables available and eggs from the castle garden. Local honey, milk, butter, venison, wild boar, home-made bacon or sausages can be bought in the village. Chickens, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and sheep wander freely around the castle.
The castle is located between Prague, Berlin and Krakow.
The nearest airport is Wroclaw, a 75 minute drive. In a car, it is 5 hours from Vienna, Bratislava or Warsaw, 4 hours from Berlin, 3.5 hours from Krakow, Prague and Dresden. There are Trains and Buses from Wroclaw, Katowice and Krakow. We can meet you at Nysa station. It is an ideal place from where to experience the Polish and Czech countryside.

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